Preview of the Slot Machine Rise of Giza PowerNudge

With a title like “Rise of Giza PowerNudge,” it’s clear where Pragmatic Play’s attention is focused this time around. You’ve probably never seen Giza just like this before, but it’s an internet slot machine. Pragmatic Play has put the Egyptian landmark through its digital paces in place of turning back the clocks or searching through archeological remnants. Pragmatic Play has combined the unconventional visual style with a novel mechanism named PowerNudge, and the results are a bit different.

It’s refreshing to see a company give the Egyptian civilization a fresh spin after a sandstorm of similar slot selections. When creating Pyramyth, Thunderkick had a similar concept, only with a more colorful aesthetic. The planet in Rise of Giza PowerNudge is pastel-purple with loads of dust, and it seems like it’s on fire because of the effects of global warming. The main focus of the screen is on the 5-reel, 10-payline game panel, but Pragmatic Play has allowed some room around the periphery for them to elaborate on the topic. There are mechanical birds, sculptures that have yet to fall, and a surplus of gears to be found. Adding Steampunk elements to Rise of Giza PowerNudge breathes new vitality into a stale genre.

While the approach to the issue is novel, the game’s arithmetic is, as is typical for Pragmatic Play, thoroughly predictable. Whether players activate the bonus round by natural means or by purchasing more spins, the RTP remains constant at 96.49%. Even with a progressive win multiplier in free spins, the game’s potential is just 4,000x, despite its extremely unpredictable gameplay and 5-star rating.

The victory method in Rise of Giza PowerNudge is also unique. The minimum number of symbols required to win on any of the game’s 10 fixed pay lines is 3. Wins may now begin on any reel, not only the leftmost, which is a nice touch that works nicely with the PowerNudge function. There are seven standard icons for payout, but no wilds in this game. From the bottom up, we have a practically robotic pharaoh and a monocled empress, as well as the Ankh, the Eye, Horus, Bastet, the Pyramids, and so on. Payouts for five of a type range from 1x to 12x the initial wager.

Giza Pyramids Advantages of the PowerNudge Slots

The patented PowerNudge mechanism is prominent in every stage of Rise of Giza’s gameplay. The progressive win multiplier is active both in the main game and during the free spins bonus round.

Although it has certain characteristics with a cascading win system, the PowerNudge operates somewhat differently. When a winning combination occurs, the prize is awarded and all reels with winning symbols shift down one place. After doing so, fresh symbols will appear at the top of the screen, and players will be rewarded once again if they form a winning combination. For instance, if a jackpot winner lands on the top row, it will keep paying out until it is eventually pushed to the bottom. PowerNudges will continue until there are no more possible outcomes.

Small scarab icons can be stacked above any symbol on any reel. During a nudging sequence, we gather these scatter overlay symbols. When three or more have been collected during the series, bonus spins are awarded at the game’s conclusion.

Scatters of 3 scarab symbols activate 8 free games, with an additional 2 games granted for each additional scatter. The free spins bonus employs a win multiplier that increases from x1 over the course of the bonus. The multiplier goes up by one after each nudge or subsequent free spin. As in the base game, accumulating three or more scatters during the feature will prolong it by adding additional free spins. A minimum guaranteed win of 5x the entire stake is included with free spins, which may be concerning to certain players. If you make it to the conclusion of the feature but don’t win at least 5x, you’ll receive more free spins until you do.

A round of free spins can sometimes be purchased rather than triggered. For 80 times the amount wagered, you get a spin when at least three overlay scatters appear.

PowerNudge Slot Game: The Pyramids of Giza

PowerNudge proved to be a refreshing change from the standard cascading interface elements. Because winning combos can begin on any reel, players won’t spend as much time fixated on the first three reels. The gaming board may be set up quickly and easily with this approach. For instance, a longer win may result from the combination of the center three reels’ winning symbols with those on any of the two outer reels. Additionally, it might be exciting to see previous winners move from one row to the next, until tumbling off the bottom of the grid.

When compared to, example, responses in a Megaways game, PowerNudge does seem like a more limited mechanism. Because there are fewer reels and hence fewer possible outcomes, this is the case. Repeated hits are conceivable, but there aren’t any of the mind-blowing moments you get on a Megaways slot when many symbols hit in a row and it looks like everything is going to cascade. Wins in Rise of Giza can reach a maximum of 4,000 times the initial wager when the win multiplier is fully activated and symbols are stacked, however a full screen pays only 150 times the wager.

Some players are likely to have a lot of fun with the new PowerNudge mechanism, which joins symbols to produce a series of wins. If you’re on the market for a new or maybe safer cascading game, give Rise of Giza a try. After the initial release, it would be exciting to see PowerNudge used on a more robust task.

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