This is Mr. Rich Slot.

A Look at the Rich Online Slots

Play ‘n Go, the Swedish reel gurus, have released their next foray into the glittering catwalks of That’s Rich, a sassy and stylish 10 line 5 x reel slot that will appeal to all spectrums of the budget for real money slots gamers.



It’s a high-rolling slot machine where the starlet who appears in photo sessions, on magazine covers, and at award ceremonies on your behalf may cost you anything from $0.10 to $100 every roll. It’s rightfully all about the Free Spins bonus round, which offers a guaranteed prize of at least 10 times your wager and a maximum of 20 Free Spins.

That’s a Fancy Slot Machine and How It’s Set Up


That’s Rich is a basic premise, yet it’s elegantly executed. Autoplay is great for establishing certain crucial filters, such stopping on any win, stopping on any free spins, and defining the amounts in each case, and the sliding bar to set the real money stake is straightforward to explore and create from the outset.


With only three scatters, you’ll enter an easy-to-navigate bonus round that awards anywhere from 5 to 20 free spins and guarantees at least one win and, at most, ten thousand times your spin’s wager.


The paytable is straightforward and simple to use, making it simple to find and collect on other victories. The visuals are cutting-edge and stylish, but the audio leaves more to be desired, unless you enjoy listening to shopping channel commercials.


With an RTP of 96.27% and plenty of enjoyable bonus features, you can relax and let the game find you by activating auto-play at a reasonable limit and waiting to be notified.


That’s the Money Mobile Slots Online Game

Since it doesn’t require a ton of information to be entertainingly immersive and keep you interested, That’s Rich performed exceptionally well at mobile casinos. It is exactly as quick to load on Android or iOS devices as it is on desktop or tablet computers, and the responsiveness is same.


Play’n Go, a Swedish software developer, has consistently provided high-quality, user-focused mobile slot games that can be played on the go. Autoplay, real money wagering, and filters all share the same settings.

That’s the Uniquely Fun Elements of the Gameplay


Slots players will need to become acclimated to the game’s three bonus features in Play’n Go’s That’s Rich before they can cash in on the game’s greater wins while playing for real money.


During the bonus round, our slot star, the glamorous model, appears as an expanding wild to cover an entire column, Win Spins multiply your Free Spins by 1 or 2 times, and Scatters, depicted here as a showbiz trophy, trigger the Bonus Game.


Although the Free Spins Bonus Round begins with a minimum of 5 spins when triggered, the number of spins may and does increase over the round to a maximum of 20—exactly what players, regardless of their initial spin-stake, are hoping for.


When combined with wild symbols, the Wild Win multipliers can increase a player’s payout by as much as x20, and since they also grow as the game progresses, this is a hugely valuable feature that gives players a great chance to turn a small win into a bigger win, and a big win into an epic pay-out.


That’s a Lot of Extra Spins for Free!

The finest element of That’s Rich is the Free Spins bonus round, in which you begin with 5 Free Spins that are all guaranteed to be a winning roll and immediately start earning while building up additional spins in the bonus using the Win Spins symbol.


You’ll be walking down the runway with Free Spins in no time at all thanks to Wilds Expanding and increasing the prizes on the reels as you go. When you sign up at one of our top Play N’ Go casinos and take advantage of the great welcome offers available, you’ll be able to use your bonus money on a wide variety of games, including this one.

Maximum payouts on a rich online slot machine


While That’s Rich has a high variance, the maximum payout is 10,000x your bet with the x20 multiplier, and the maximum payout each spin is 500x your stake. Many high-stakes players, as well as those with more modest budgets, would appreciate this.


The return to player percentage of 96.27% is barely above the average for slot machines, but the bonus feature, if triggered when playing for real money, can result in some significant payouts.


Is Play N’ Go’s That’s Rich worth a shot?

Players looking for a slot with a potentially rewarding bonus round and accessible betting options will get what they’re looking for in Play N’ Go’s That’s Rich.


The clumsy and one-dimensional score was a letdown because it didn’t improve the game in any meaningful way and left a lot to be desired throughout regular play and bonus rounds.


The visuals were adequate and interesting enough, and the game mechanics were basic enough that anyone could pick them up and have fun with them after only a few spins in the demo mode.


This is a bit of an outlier among Play N’ Go’s offerings, but the immensely popular Rags To Riches has a higher RTP of over 97% while maintaining the same maximum win chances and reduced volatility.


It’s another well-oiled machine that, if you play your cards well, can pay off large and provide you with some very entertaining bonus rounds, much like NextGen’s popular video slot Flame.

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